Green Architecture

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in green and eco-friendly building. We are proud to say that we have the experience and knowledge in this particularly demanding field. We have done everything from incorporating green elements into a project, to constructing an entirely self-sustaining green home.

Our expertise allows us to fully understand green building methods and we have won green building awards for our Truro residence. We bring the expertise needed to achieve a partial or completely sustainable home in elegant contemporary or distinguished traditional Cape Cod styles.

Healthy living, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency has always been important to us and we include these factors in all our custom projects. Some of the steps we take in our projects and renovations are:

  • Low Impact Site Development
    Helping to preserve the natural landscape by only cutting down trees where space is needed for construction and replanting trees and shrubs in other locations on the property. All while enhancing the natural beauty of your property
  • High efficiency heating and cooling systems and low energy windows
    Helping to lower heating and electric costs.
  • Balanced pressure ventilation systems
    Improved ventilation helping to reduce the potential for mold growth and allergen buildup

As an award-winning green builder, Silvia & Silvia Custom Builders specializes in contemporary green homes, traditional green homes, green residential building, sustainable home building, affordable green building, green renovations and additions, and Massachusetts green building.

Silvia and Silvia is pleased to announce a unique partnership with FreeGreen is an online company that offers free “green” house plans, believing that “green design should be accessible to all.” Through our relationship with FreeGreen, you can now work with Silvia and Silvia to customize and build all of FreeGreen’s Official and Open Source House Plans.

Below you can find a list of FreeGreen plans that we can build for you as well as designs by Silvia and Silvia, LLC. Our suggestion would be to find one that you like, and Contact Us to discuss how we can customize and build it to fit your specific needs.