A Tradition of Quality and Service


From the tasteful home remodel to the realization of a custom home, we are experienced to cover any size project. Founded in 1970, the Silvia Family has been building homes and commercial developments on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts for over 47 years. Our team of professionals will walk you through the entire building process from start to finish.

We are a sophisticated firm composed and managed by highly knowledgeable professionals. The Silvia & Silvia expertise allows us to facilitate every aspect of a project’s evolution including the initial architectural planning, the labyrinthine permitting process, the hiring and coordination of master craftsmen, and if desired, the complete maintenance of the property following its completion. And, of course, we accomplish all of this while sustaining our exceedingly high standard of quality throughout each stage of your project.

At Silvia & Silvia, we help to build your dreams.


Both Silvia brothers bring their own singular areas of expertise to the operation of this company. Floyd’s extensive background in finance dovetails perfectly with Ron’s comprehensive knowledge of architecture and construction. Together they lead a team of experts in the creation of extraordinary homes for their discriminating clientele.

Widely recognized for their efficient production methods, transparent style of operation and dedication to an incomparable level of quality has made Silvia & Silvia the wise choice for those wishing to build a custom home from Boston to Provincetown.


Floyd Silvia

Floyd Silvia

Floyd Silvia is Silvia & Silvia’s fiscal leader. His years spent auditing and managing funds for state agencies and colleges has prepared him well for the business of selecting and financing new undertakings.

A major component of Silvia & Silvia’s reputation is the company’s perpetual financial viability. Since its inception, regardless of the ever-changing state of the general economy, Silvia & Silvia has remained fiscally stable. In fact, it has grown steadily in large measure as a result of Floyd’s discriminating eye for wise investments and profitable joint ventures. He is constantly searching for new ways to grow the company.
Ronald Silvia

Ronald Silvia

Ron Silvia is the leader behind the management of his company’s construction projects. His career, like the homes he creates, has been built from the ground up on a solid foundation. His background spans all aspects of his field from framing with hammer in hand, to preparing architectural renderings at his drafting table. Ron’s experience and knowledge allows him to communicate with subcontractors using the terminology common to their disciplines, which helps to save time and eliminate confusion. He is able to visualize the overall scope of a number of projects at one time while ensuring that the details of each job do not undermine its successful conclusion.

Ron’s skill at maintaining schedules is a direct result of combining his broad knowledge of construction and architecture with a keen ability for managing both people and time efficiently. This and his absolute insistence on the highest standard of quality in both workmanship and materials, has made Silvia & Silvia the custom builder of choice in Cape Cod and South Eastern Massachusetts.