Top 5 Reasons to Hire Silvia & Silvia

  1. We do it all

We know what you’re thinking: “No one can do everything.” At Silvia & Silvia, it’s possible!

We offer top quality work when it comes to your home building and remodeling projects, including our unique specialties in green architecture and custom woodwork. But did you know that we also provide property management and concierge services?

“We’ll do everything from cleaning to landscaping to opening and closing the property,” says CFO Floyd Silvia. “You don’t have to build your house with us to get those services.”

Whatever your needs, we’ll find a way to take care of them, whether we send someone from our company or one of our many skilled subcontractors.

  1. We’re committed to our customers—and our employees

Many of our customers have done business with us for several decades. Why? Because from the start, they recognize that we provide top-quality products and services. These long-lasting professional relationships have become a trademark of our business, and we’re proud of that.

We apply the same level of commitment to our employees. “There are people in our company and subcontractors that we’ve had for many, many years,” says Floyd. Having such experienced and long-term workers is beneficial both to the company and our customers, which leads us to #3…

  1. We’re trustworthy

There’s a tremendous amount of trust involved in allowing someone to work on or take care of your home. People not only trust us with their most valuable possession, but they do so over and over, often for an extended period of time.

Because so many employees have stayed with us through the years, Floyd says, “They know the people who are taking care of their home. You’re like a family.”

  1. We’re good communicators

In some cases, clients live in another state—or even another country—while their home is being built.  To ensure the job is being done the way they want, Floyd says, “There’s a tremendous amount of communication here on the building side of things.”

Floyd’s brother and the president of the company, Ronald Silvia, oversees construction projects and is most often in constant communication with customers, explaining exactly what’s happening in the building process.

  1. We want to deliver the best possible product

At Silvia & Silvia, we’re completely invested in delivering an exceptional product for our customers.  Whether you’re building a home or completing a remodel or an addition, we’ll have a team of professionals managing the project from start to finish.

Plus, we care about our work. “There’s nothing more gratifying than having someone come down when the project is finished and have them be happy,” says Floyd.

It’s all about keeping you, the customer, happy—and the building is only the beginning of it.