Sprucing up for Spring

5 Projects to Get Your Home Ready for Warmer Weather

Exterior painting

A fresh coat of exterior paint can make all the difference, and spring is the best time to get the job done. We’re firm believers in using quality paint; it will last longer.

Tired of that same color you’ve had for years? This season is a great opportunity to update your shade. A new look might also boost your mood when you pull up the driveway.

Checking your gutters

Over the colder months, you’ll find that your rain gutters have collected a good amount of debris. You can remove leaves and other natural waste. Once they’re clean, we check your gutters for any damage that might have occurred over the winter and determine if further maintenance is needed.

Clearing the yard

It’s time for the dreaded task of yard work, and it’s better done sooner than later. Raking your yard and clearing garden areas of leaves, branches, etc. will allow you to get started on adding mulch and compost. And of course, planting that flower garden you’ve been dreaming of all year.

Lawncare service

“Go green,” so to speak, by getting started on your lawncare regimen. You’ll want to mow about twice a week in the springtime and once a week in the summer, and most importantly, don’t forget to water a few times throughout the week. Once you get in a routine, it’ll become second nature.

Cleaning the deck

Remove leaves and other debris from your deck and look for any dirt and grime that may have collected over the winter. More likely than not, it’ll need a good pressure washing. While you’re at it, check the condition of the wood. Depending on the age of your deck, the boards may need to be replaced.

**Don’t have time to do the work yourself? Hire a professional! Contact us at Silvia & Silvia for all of your home maintenance needs.