Wow Factors for Your Cape Cod Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen isn’t something to be taken lightly. It is a more costly home remodeling project than most, and somewhat disruptive, so you likely want your kitchen renovation to last for decades.

So how do you add a “wow” factor to your new kitchen, signature elements that reflect your personal style, without risking regretting design decisions in 10 years?

Here are some suggestions:

Island Style

Not as in loud floral fabrics one might choose for a visit to Bermuda; island style as in your kitchen’s center island.

Its placement makes a center island virtually any kitchen’s focal point, so it is a natural place to add some pizazz. Because it is smaller, encompassing far fewer linear feet of cabinetry and countertops than a kitchen’s perimeter, any errors in judgment can be more easily be corrected.

Color is just one way to make your center island stand out.

cape cod kitchen design
A beachy blue is a natural choice for your Cape Cod kitchen remodel. Photo via Decoist.
A center island painted in black is a sophisticated look that adds contrast to a white-on-white kitchen. Photo via Better Homes & Gardens.

It isn’t just the base of a center island where you can have fun with design. Its countertop takes up a lot of “visual space.” A counter in a color that contrasts the perimeter counter is an eye-catching option, as is a waterfall edge.

cape cod builder
A counter in warm wood on the island adds a modern farmhouse vibe to this kitchen. Photo via Better Homes & Gardens.
In this kitchen the color combination on the perimeter – white cabinets with nearly black counters – is reversed on the island. Photo via Designing Idea.
kitchen remodeling
A waterfall edge on an island’s counter is a fun option that feels fresh yet still classic. Photo via MyDomaine.

Beautiful Backsplashes

The backsplash in another element that packs a lot of visual punch yet can be swapped fairly easily by a skilled tile person.

For years, white subway tile was the go-to choice for many homeowners. It is still a great option, but consider an updated take on the timeless look, such as going with an elongated tile or one with texture, such as beveling, that gives it a 3D look.

home remodeling cape cod
Mixing an accent band with white subway tile is a look that feels custom yet is also quite budget-friendly. Photo via HGTV.
Another look that’s becoming quite popular is using the same material for both the backsplash and the countertops. Photo via Martha Stewart.

Small Ways to Make a Big Visual Impact

There are a lot of little design elements throughout a kitchen that can add impact to the space’s overall look. Take the time to really look around your existing kitchen, and peruse the internet, before making your choices.

Cabinet hardware is one of the easiest things to change in a kitchen. Brass is having a major moment, but in a brushed finish, rather than the polished finish that was so popular in the 1980s. Photo via Homedit.
cape cod homes
Why yes, those are leather cabinet pulls. Why not? Photo via New Home Source.
Another kitchen design element that is having a moment is open shelves. This kitchen has no upper cabinets, which might not work for your lifestyle. If so, consider just a few shelves on either side of the sink or stove…or both. Photo via One Kindesign.
cape cod kitchen remodeling
Light fixtures are another thing that can be easily swapped out by a licensed electrician. Don’t be afraid to go big AND bold! Photo via Golden Gate Kitchens.

And last, but by no means least, never underestimate the impact of kitchen stools. Opt for something bold; really get out of your comfort zone. If you end up not loving your choice, they can be changed without so much as the need for a screwdriver!

There are only two of them, but these leather stools absolutely make the space! Photo via HGTV.
These stools have a low profile, but their sculptural shape makes them impossible to ignore. Photo via Pinterest.

We hope you found these ideas inspiring. Please contact us with any questions, or to arrange a consultation if you are considering remodeling your Cape Cod home.