Want a Spectacular Summer 2020? Start Planning Now!

Outdoor Living Ideas:

Sorry to say, but summer 2019 is coming to a close. Hope you and yours are having a great season.

However, with Labor Day on the horizon, it’s time to get serious about making the most of the waning “season” of 2019. As a homeowner, these last few weeks of summer are a great time to look ahead to the summer of 2020.

Start to think about outdoor projects, while the air is still warm and the daylight a little longer, that will enhance your family’s time together next year. This will let you really hone in on what changes will yield the greatest amount of enjoyment.

Add an Outdoor Shower and/or Hot & Cold Outdoor Spigot

An outdoor shower – one of the true joys of beach life. It is spectacular to shower with the blue sky above as you rinse away a day of sand and sea. No room for an outdoor shower? Consider having a hot and cold water spigot added outside. Warm water at the ready when it’s time to wash the car or the dog, or fill the kiddie pool, it is a little luxury anyone will appreciate.

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Photos via OutdoorShowerPlans.com (L) and HomeMyDesign.com

Create a True Outdoor Kitchen

For people who frequently grill, a freestanding grill with a so-so side burner just doesn’t cut it. Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with a fully outfitted kitchen. It can be fairly basic, like the one below, with a grill, mini fridge and hand sink arranged within a stone structure, with a natural stone countertop. A refrigerator will cut down on countless trips into the house, and, while it isn’t a requirement, running a natural gas line to the grill will save you from hauling tanks or running out of gas in the midst of grilling!

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Photo via OutdoorLuxury.com

With an added bar-height countertop and a pergola overhead, you can elevate your outdoor kitchen to “party central”. Look carefully at the one below and you’ll see that it has four bar stools arranged along the far side of the cooking area, perfect for gathering with friends as you cook.

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Photo via Pinterest

 If you consider yourself the quintessential outdoor entertainer, go for the gusto with an outdoor kitchen. As the popularity of entertaining at home al fresco continues to grow, the variety of specifically designed products has also increased. With a larger outdoor kitchen, you can include a full suite of appliances – even a dishwasher – and a TV and sound system.

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Photo via KalamazooOutdoorGourmet.com

A Living Room Fit for the Great Outdoors

The weather in June on the Cape can be hit or miss (this year, it was mostly miss), and work and family obligations are likely compelling you to head back to work and daily life by Labor Day, if not sooner. How can you savor spending time outside all season long? Enter the outdoor living room. And no, we’re not talking about a cluster of iffy furniture arranged in a circle.

We love the idea of creating a space that feels permanent with a solid surface underfoot, such as bluestone or brick, and a ceiling overhead. With level flooring that is fixed in place, your outdoor living room will feel more like an actual room, even if you opt not to include a ceiling. But there are several reasons that make a ceiling something to seriously consider.


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Photo via HadleyCourt.com

Imagine sipping an iced tea in the shade in your outdoor living room, or perhaps dozing on the sofa on a rainy afternoon. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Now imagine what you can do with the level above the ceiling in your new outdoor living room. Depending on where it’s cited, that space above could be a balcony off of your kitchen or master bedroom. With decking, a safety rail and a door, that simple ceiling has now become yet another place to enjoy outdoor living.

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Photo via OneKinDesign.com

Ready to start planning? Grab your phone or device and take photos of your surroundings. Take notes. Start gathering images of outdoor spaces that inspire you on Pinterest and Houzz. You may feel a bit overwhelmed with so many gorgeous photos and options but, because you’ve gotten such an early start, you’ll have plenty of time to winnow everything down and work on your plans over the winter. Lucky you!

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